Thursday, 16 June 2011

To Do List - Quit Job

·        Quit job
Well that was easy, one brief email and one triumphant post on Facebook and I’m free (apart from the whole working the notice period thing but that will give me time to do the rest of the list)

·         Make celebratory brownies
Made and eaten

·         Buy van
Hmmm... more tricky, gumtree and ebay aren’t showing anything amazing (by amazing I mean cheap - and preferably with all its wheels). Quick check in the post office window doesn’t come up with much either, lots of kittens for sale though... could get one of those, cheaper to run/feed and definitely more cute, won’t get me from A to B though... unless more people pick up hitchhikers who are holding kittens, surveys should be done.

·         Find dry rock
Impossible. I managed to get about three feet from the car before it started raining. Maybe it’s not actually impossible, I’m fairly sure that Gully Wall or Pixies Hole will be dry but sometimes I find it hard to get inspired for dingy, polished limestone circuits. Call me picky.

I saw a thread on UKC suggesting there might be an access issue at Chudleigh, I drove past earlier but couldn’t see the sign, maybe the trolls are out. I’m not sure I could live without Chudleigh... maybe I should get out more.

·         Tidy my stuff up
Never gonna happen, don’t know why I bothered to write it down.

·         Get strong
Well if I can’t climb I might as well get strong instead and the fingerboard is calling to me (maybe that’s a bit strong, more like heckling me). Do you think Tim Emmett would mind if I made miniature clones of him:
To the fingerboard...

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